Welcome and thank you for finding your way to my blog! My name is Claire Ross and I’m from Perth, Western Australia. This site was first designed to shed some light on Motor Neurone Disease and in particular, the experiences of my husband and I. MND was perhaps not as widely known as it is now, and so the idea was to give insight on what goes on behind closed doors, and thus Skeletons in the Light was born.

After my husband passed I gave up the blog for a while. I wasn’t sure if there was any point in continuing it as… well… the disease had already taken over. But then I suppose I realised that grief is yet another thing to perhaps bring into the foreground. And the after effects of caring for someone with a terminal illness… And that maybe my crazy journey could help someone else who has experienced the same thing. Or not… It really is irrelevant in some ways because the feelings are universal. I believe that’s what brings us together.

So as you can see, this site is basically divided into different chapters. Chapter 1 is about me and Mike. Chapter 2 is the catch-up to fill in the gaps. And Chapter 3 is my present ever-evolving journey. So sit back, get comfy and get into it. Drop me a comment if you’d like.