Petting Zooooo!!

Well today we had Mike’s second party… The weather was probably the best and sunniest we have had in a while. It’s quite strange and lucky that it’s been raining and windy for the past few weeks, but the last two Saturdays we held both parties, the weather cleared right up for us.

Finally the last of my surprises (we are terrible at keeping secrets from each other) I arranged a petting zoo to come to the home. It was set up in the garden down one end, hidden from view. I made him wait at the other side, where I brought a pony called Elmo to surprise him and lead him to the party. There were piglets, ducks, chickens, chicks, goats and a lamb that took a particular liking to Mike. Me and Mike used to go to zoos a lot, and enjoyed the farm section at Caversham Wildlife park.. (I have a love/hate relationship with bunnies) so it was only natural I would eventually bring animals to him. Mike was really happy he got to have a taste of our old life, in the comfort of the home, as zoo outings had gotten increasingly difficult and stressful. There’s always a few hurdles to overcome or things that can exclude him. Anyway, will let the photos do the talking, I’m too exhausted to write much more!!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “Petting Zooooo!!

  1. I think you should steal that lambsy mike, he obviously likes you the best!
    Am jealous, animals are the best hey! Glad you had a lovely birthday down on the farm and v happy for you (still jealous!) . LOts of love to you both,

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