So yesterday we had Mike’s birthday party.  The weather has been stormy all week, and by some freak stroke of good luck, it turned out to be a nice sunny day with no rain.  Today it’s back to normal again.  I’m pretty exhausted.  Have been planning like crazy for the past week or so.  It gets harder to outdo myself each time, but I think I managed to do so for this one!  I wanted to go all out because it’s been on our minds that this could be his last one.  I have pretty much made it a birthday month, giving him little presents here and there, along with his two parties.   One for friends, one for family since a big crowd is too intense these days with his voice getting so much weaker, and he can tire out easily.

He hasn’t managed to get out of the home for a while now.  We’re not really sure how difficult it would be and worry it’ll be more stressful than enjoyable…  It sucks seeing him restricted to his room so much, where everything is pretty much the same…  So for his party I thought I would bring the outdoors to him, minimise the stress that would come along with planning something elsewhere.  I asked him where would he wanna go if we could just take off on a holiday tomorrow, and he said Europe.  And thus, the great Europe trip of `13 began!

The gardens at the home are perfect for the trip as they connect up and a path snakes around the place, perfect to set up individual country locations.  The trip began with his ticket and passport being given to him, along with a giant token for him to present to purchase his souvenir gift bag, which he got at each country, and a clue on the back as to which country he would travel to next.  In each gift bag was a photo album of each destination, a souvenir, and the next token.  I had weird facts and music for each country.  I got him a polaroid camera for his birthday so that we could have holiday snaps taken at each country.  I really like the idea of instant photos, for him to capture the moments straight away when time isn’t our friend, and be able to display them in his room to enjoy them without the wait.


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And that’s it from me til I post the photos from next weekend’s party!


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