First Wedding Anniversary

What a fantasmic day.  Me and Mike finally made it to the zoo, huzzah!  We’ve been trying to go for ages now, but he’s usually not feeling up to it and it never works out.  It was raining most of the time, but we didn’t care…  Was just a massive achievement to actually get there in the first place.  There’s always a lot of things that can go wrong these days and we never know how he will manage and if we’re gonna have to rush back home again.  Sometimes it can be hard to relax with that hanging over your head, but it was really successful.  The only problem we had was at the beginning when we didn’t know how his electric wheelchair would be in the rain.  Twas fine though.

We couldn’t stay out too long because Mike gets fatigued real quick these days, but we got a fair bit done in the time we were there.  We saw a tiger dropping a deuce, I laughed so loud a little kid at the next enclosure was asking his mum what was so funny.  We saw our favourite gibbon again, this time she had a baby with her…  And a sun bear eating a coconut.  The weather didn’t seem to affect the animals much…  It was relatively the same as when it’s sunny, except for a depressed looking Tasmanian devil who was just slothing around in the rain.  It was actually pretty gross and humid in the rain, but Mike held up really well.  Just felt like being in Thailand, but that’s okay because it went with my present…

We made it!

We made it!



Mike picking out yet another friend for me.  i love how he has such a straight face amongst all the toys, makes it look creepy haha.

Mike picking out yet another friend for me.  I love how he has such a straight face amongst all the toys, makes it look creepy haha.


The horned ones

Now it's your turn to hide..

Now it’s your turn to hide..

I have another photo from over a year ago exactly like this.. same gibbon and all, 'cept this time she had a baby with her.  I like to think she remembers me :D

I have another photo from over a year ago exactly like this.. same gibbon and all, ‘cept this time she had a baby with her. I like to think she remembers me :D



Mama and baby.

Mama and baby

Ack!  A bear!

Ack! A bear!



Is it just me, or do all our photos look exactly the same?!

Is it just me, or do all our photos look exactly the same?!

I can now say that I painted Mike a triptych for his wall in his new room.  I worked on it for 6 days straight, barely leaving my studio.  It was really important for me to do this for him because I know things are going to get a lot tougher.  I don’t know if he will be in pain, or feeling trapped in his body, especially when he can’t communicate at all..  And I wanted him to be able to imagine a happy place, when things aren’t so great.  Which is why I’m annoyed I didn’t get to finish it!  But I’d rather not rush it.  I already started screwing it up towards the end and decided at 10pm last night to just stop and do it properly.  I wrapped it up anyway though hehe.  I used my painter’s tape to wrap it and make pull tabs so he can open it himself without needing to ask for help, since he can’t unwrap normal sticky taped presents.  It’s silly things like that that you don’t think about, but that rob you of your independence all the same…  And it’s not quite as exciting getting presents, then having to hand them over for someone else to open.


New do…

Mike's (unfinished) present!

Mike’s (unfinished) present!

I also got him these personalised pillow and cushion covers with us and the dogs on them.  (Yes, I’m now a creepy dog lady).  I wanted him to have something comforting, so that when we can’t be there physically, we have some representatives.  I think night times are the worst and when you notice the most that you are alone.  I got us matching blankets when he first moved in, so we can feel connected in some small way, even when we are apart.  They have patches on them with our initials.

Time for a slumber partyyy

Mike got me perfume and a bunch of other girly stuff.  He got me this pamper pack for our 7 year anniversary earlier this year, and amongst it was some hand cream.  I was totally shocked that he chose the scent and I actually liked it haha.  So he went and bought me a whole range of stuff in the same fragrance.  I’ve become quite morbid lately, and think a lot more about what it will be like after he dies because it feels like the time is getting closer and closer with how rapidly he deteriorates these days…  And I wanted something to remind me of him after he’s gone.  It’s depressing and will probably mess me up later, since smells evoke such nostalgia, but that’s kind of the point too.

Anyway, that’s all from me.  I desperately need sleep.  Took me way too long to write this because I needed to try way too hard to string my words together, but wanted to get it all out sooner rather than later.

Happy first anniversary Mike.  I’m glad we have made it this far.  Love you so much.

A year ago today..

A year ago today..


5 thoughts on “First Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary you both two persons!!! OMG ewes two are ‘mazin! The zoo looked fab (poor tiger being caught with his pants down) and thanks for sharing your day with us via photos, I am all emotional (or it could be the b-y contact lens stuck in my eye – free trial – yeh great, can’t get the b-d out). Bet that monkey does remember you (do NOT try and steal the baby, just be content with the soft toys ok Claire?). And the pressies! You two could win one of those comps where you have to say what each other likes/dislikes etc. Love the dream pillowcase, I used to have one of Michael Jackson aged 9, kissed him every night!! And now to the triptych – how bloody beautiful is that!! As said before, me moving to your place Mike!
    Hope you are allowed to put these really long responses in, if not, email me and tell me to keep it shorter! LOVE and kisses, you both rock, Feliss and Denae

  2. Ohh, the baby was so cute though! I’ll add a pic of it in, just for you. I was trying to take a photo of it, and as Mike put it, the mother “photo bombed” me! As I was designing those cushion covers, I kept remembering Denae’s Madonna cushion. Your long responses are fine, I’ll just put you down on the list as a special guest blogger haha.

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