Day 3

We’re still definitely trying to get used to the change of pace here. It feels so stagnant I just feel like napping all the time haha. I fit right in. Just stop me before I start going to bed at 7pm. It’s kinda funny because they speak to him really slowly since they’re used to old people. I made Mike a name plaque thing this morning for his door. I tried to put some furniture together too, but packed it in after I stabbed my foot and hand with a screwdriver.

Twas a bit sad to say goodbye to him at the front door and have it sink in that we have different homes. The hospital was different because it felt so temporary/transitional. It’s so strange setting everything up and getting him settled into a place without me. It’s all getting more real. I want him to be happy there, but at the same time, I selfishly don’t want him to fit in. Because then I can delude myself that it means his condition isn’t as bad as it seems, now he is amongst everyone else. That it’s all just a mistake…

Still… we are hanging in there. At least we still have each other to see it all through with.


Gazebo area with fishies


Another courtyard area


Mike’s name plaque thingie I made for his door


Me getting into the spirit of the delightful decor and having a delightful cup of tea haha


3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Wow. This is amazing. Thanks Clare so much for sharing. I am in awe. It must be so difficult for you, and you have done so much. You’re my hero. Please don’t feel guilt and congratulate yourself everyday for your strength unconditional love.

  2. You look like such a nanna in the tea room! I must say that Mike’s room is a Shangri-la in the middle of old fartsville. I guess you have both just got to create your own little world and try and block out the other visuals. It is not fair – you should be surrounded by beautiful people like me n the wife. Love you both, very much xx

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