Moving’ In

Mike finally moved into his care facility today. It went relatively well. The staff seemed nice. We sussed out all the courtyards, had lunch by the koi ponds, and got rid of the old people smell from his room. It actually wasn’t bad, but you an never be too sure! (Un)lucky for us.. We arrived in time to see the monthly entertainment… A Doris Day impersonator in a shiny purple dress and gloves. Twas quite hilarious/horrific. Of course I was so excited to go and headbang, but alas, we had unpacking to do. What. A. Shame.

It was a bit sad. I was eager to get him in and settled and put all the homely touches up to make it feel less daunting for him. Mike was more hesitant though. It seemed to hit him, that this made everything so final, and this is the stage he was at in his illness. I guess for me, things would have sunk in earlier, while he was in hospital, because I already had to get used to an empty house. So in a way, I had already said goodbye to our normal(ish) life. For Mike though, I guess being I hospital was more of an unsettling in between stage where he was just waiting for something to happen. I suppose it doesn’t help when you’re 28 and most people are averaging 70. It did feel a little awkward that they had dimmed all the lights and everyone was in bed by 7pm. Seriously… I kid you not. Didn’t even make it to see Fat Cat say goodnight to all the boys and girls.

It felt a little strange for me too.. Seeing him amongst all the elderly. I know we made the right choice and have been a lot happier since, but I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. I know it’s an aged care facility, but the fact that there’s no other people around our age… Just makes me feel like I’m the only one who couldn’t hack it. I know not to buy into it, especially since the reason he is in aged care is because the ones with mixed or younger ages are not available right now… It’s just hard when there’s no comforting proof of that.

Anyway, I ended up staying ’til about 8pm to make sure he was settled before I left. He was fine though, it was me who was nervous to leave him because I knew I would have been a big baby about it and be freaking out haha. Did the grocery shopping on the way home and bought a whole bunch of stuff for his room too. (I’m such a nester). Now it’s 12:30am and I’ve been waiting for the dishwasher to stop so I can go to bed. I’m hardly at home now and when I am, can’t be bothered trying to keep up with the housework.. So I seem to leave it for late at night. Best get my sleep. Now that Mike is finally in a place he can call home, we are trying to set up more of a routine and get out every morning, pending on if he is up to it. We never know how he will be feeling, so we’ve gotten really used to not being able to plan to much, and just taking every day as it comes. No small feat for a planner like me. We’re gonna go check out the neighborhood and get used to our (s)wanky surroundings. Before we didn’t have the energy to do anything, let alone get out of the house. Things are a changin’. These hermit crabs are losing their shells, dammit! I bid you adieu.


One thought on “Moving’ In

  1. It’s me again. Was so kool to see you both and I love your room Mike and I cam going to get Claire to decorate our house (when we are rich haha). Will be coming again soon as we can. xxxxxxxxxxxx Fliss and Denae

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