Ready to rock and roll…!

So today Mike was meant to move into his new care facility…  Got to the hospital only to find out it had been delayed ’til tomorrow.  Threw a major spanner in the spokes (yes.. wheelchair.. spokes.. you’ll get used to my bad ‘humour’ :D )  Could have really dragged us down.  All the staff thought we would be really upset, because they were annoyed at all the red tape.  But as Mike put it, “sh*t happens”.  We actually had a really good day.  He refused to cut his hair or have a shave ’til he was leaving the hospital, so as soon as I found out we weren’t leaving, I booked him an appointment at the hairdresser downstairs haha.  Was much better to get packed and ready instead of rushing over half arsed.  We had nurses to harass last minute anyways.


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